Exchnge 2019 – Drachten

Last 10th of June, a group of 17 students from S’Agulla went to Drachten, for the second part of this year’s exchange. It was a week of learning from another culture and other ways of life, making lots of friends and also a week of learning how to deal with our ownemotions and to confront life by ourselves. We all enjoyed these days in Drachten and we wished we could have stayed a little bit longer.

Have a look at all the activities that we did in just six days!!


exchange 2019


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Excursió a Perpignan i Rivesaltes

Le 23 Mai, les elèves de Français ont visité la ville de Perpigan et le memorial de Rivesaltes. C’était une journée trés interessante de contact avec la culture française et l’histoire de l’Espagne.

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Cambridge Exams

board chalk chalkboard exam

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Today three students in 2nd BAT are taking the Cambridge First Certificat Exam. They are Jordi B, Suemy L, and Judit R. We wish you the best of luck!


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Exchange 2019 – Blanes

Last week, we received the exchange students from CSG Luidger in Drachten! We shared lots of moments with them in our school, walking the surroundings and visiting Girona. We even got to meet with the ‘Gegants de Blanes’! It was a week full of emotions and we are looking forward to visit Drachten!

exchange 2019


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Foreign Languages Day

FLD 2018


Last  December 20th, we celebrated the first Foreign Languages Day! It was a fun day full of crafts, food nd music! Despite some technical problems, the day was a success and we are looking forward to celebrate it again next year. Enjoy the pictures!


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EXCHANGE 2018-19

We are starting a new year, and a new exchange trip is being prepared! This year with a surprise! There are two destinations: Drachten (The Netherlands) and Bain de Bretagne (France).

En aquest enllaç torbareu el formulari de participació per als intercanvis d’aquest curs.



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Drachten 2018

This June we have visited our exchange partners from Drachten. It has been a great experience, with its ups and downs, but very exciting for everybody!

Here you have all the pictures:


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Jeudi, le 10 Mai, les élèves qui étudient le français tels que la 2ème, 3ème et 4ème anné de la Eso, sont allés à Narbonne. Là, ils ont visité la ville, ont posé des questions aux passants et finalement ils ont fait la chasse au trésors par les rues et ruelles de Narbonne.

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Our Dutch Friends

This April, our Dutch friends visited us as part of the exchange project with CSG Liudger from Drachten, The Netherlands. Click on the pictures to see how much fun we had!

intercanvi 18



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Bain de Bretagne – Blanes

Avec les élèves de 2ème et 3ème année de la ESO, on est allés au Cosmocaixa faire la connaissance des élèves français du lycée Bain de Bretagne. On est passés la matinée dans le musée et on a mangé ensemble avant de repartir. On espère pouvoir faire un échange l’année prochaine. À bientôt!!

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